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22 Nov 2017 - Power Up your management team

Managers need training to keep abreast with new people management, how to increase production.
This practical workshop is a must for any manager in any managerial and supervisor position.

Key Takeaways
  • How to perform change management;
  • Understand your own "Like Factor";
  • Identify your management style;
  • When to use a particular management style;
  • Learn to focus on Customer Experience;
  • What a leader does and how to create a movement;
  • How to get your employees to provide you a certain standard of work;
  • Measure output of employees;
  • Read and integrate body language, micro expressions and tone of voice when dealing with employees.
  • Learn about personalities and how to motivate each one
  • ** All attendees receive electronic copies of all the documents provided like slides, documents and videos.

Starts: 8AM for 8:30AM   Ends: around 4:30PM (Lunch provided)
Blandford Manor - Johannesburg

106 Hyperion Drive, North Riding, Randburg
South Africa
R1650 p.p.

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